Sunday, 3 June 2012

Tweet of the Day – 3 June 2012

My own this time, while watching the Queen's diamond jubilee event on the River Thames – the thousand boat pageant...
"Today's event in London reminds me yet again of how having a Monarchy & of such a calibre lifts our species above the level of the robotic."
...along with the immediate follow-up...
"Today is a vital part of what makes us truly human."
This was in response to a small number of miseryguts anti-monarchists, little Englanders and others who cut themselves off from this event because they hate the monarchy, hate the Union Flag (or what it represents to them) or some other equally tenuous reason.

These folks' own agenda and its overriding importance to themselves (though not to most others), and their resultant detachment from the rest of humanity today, show them and their stances to be weak – but there are always some like that.

As for the anti-monarchists, they generally turn out to be Lefties; and as we surely all realise by now, Lefties want absolute power for themselves, either directly or via those who will corrupt the laws of the land to facilitate this for them all. They cannot stand the idea of even an almost powerless monarch: the psychology behind this attitude becomes obvious if you put yourself in a Lefty's shoes for a moment or two. Fortunately, there were hardly any of them protesting at today's event (UPDATE 4 June: about sixty, it would appear).

The "cutting off one's nose to spite one's face" nature of the flag-despisers who allowed that rather odd outlook to spoil the event is sad indeed, especially as their perceived loss of what it means to be British is, or can be made to be over time, corrected, but not if one simply gives up and doesn't bother.

Some people come across as living for the excuse – any excuse – to moan and be negative: they can never form part of our future as they prefer to live their way. It's an almost mechanical, and certainly predictable, form of existence. It is therefore up to the rest of us to deal with the issues, with a positive and involved approach, living rather than merely existing and being a part of the new future.

As for Britain as a nation: it can never go back to how it once was – Gordon Brown and Co saw to that – and for the same reason it will take many years to undo (hopefully most of) the damage those Labour traitors deliberately did to our country. Some will never be fixed; but the balance of population ethnicity, the balance between the four constituent parts of the United Kingdom and other issues can be brought into a more appropriate relationship.

That was always going to be something that will happen tomorrow, one step at a time and taking a whole generation to finalise. We get to tomorrow by going through today – not mechanically but by living it. Far from being divise, today's event unites the whole nation, with a somewhat small minority whose outlook separating them from the rest of us.

No doubt they will have their criticisms of us, and in particular what I have written here – but the truth is that today's event really has been a vital part of what makes us (okay, most of us) truly human. We live, rather than merely exist, and are big enough to handle an imperfect world.

Anyone else might as well emigrate right now. If you're not part of the solution...

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