Saturday, 30 June 2012

CubeStormers on Show!

Back in March of this year I posted a video of the ARM-powered CubeStormer robot made of Lego that solves standard Rubik's Cubes in just a few seconds.

Since the first model, the team including ARM's David Gilday has developed the range, including the ability to handle larger versions of the cube up to seven-a-side (the original cube was three-a-side; and in fact they go up to at least twenty-per-side), and David will be bringing several along to a computer club event in central London in a couple of weeks from now.

If you're interested, do come along to The Blue-Eyed Maid public house in Borough High Street (London SE1 1HR) on Monday 16 July, where the club will be meeting upstairs from 6 pm (David Gilday's talk/demo event itself starts at 7.45), and I hope to join them on this occasion – which will be the day before I turn 63 years of age – health permitting.

In the meantime, here's another video, this one featuring a seven-per-side cube full solution...

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