Saturday, 9 June 2012

Sorry for the delay...

YouTube decided to wait until it had fully uploaded my video of the first Medway River Festival before telling me there was a fault (of undisclosed nature) and it had just wasted almost thirty hours with no result.

I have completely remade the video from the project file and am now uploading that.

It seemed to play through all right here, so I am reasonably confident that there is no fault in the source file.

Whether it'll get up the line successfully, a day or so hence, I shall not know until the end of that 28-hour period; but if all is well I shall be able to embed it here late tomorrow evening. (UPDATE @ 0055 hrs on 11 June: It has failed again! I don't know what to do about this. There seems to be nothing whatsoever wrong with the source file here. I am now trying uploading it in three shorter parts, to see if one part fails or all do. FURTHER UPDATE: Exactly the same edited file has now gone up successfully, in three parts, proving that it has been a YouTube failure all along!)

In the meantime, I have another GigaByte or so, in 51 video clips from today's Dickens Festival, to start cataloguing in preparation for editing all of that. I shall probably add something like as much source material again tomorrow, on the festival's final day.

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