Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Let's All Go Down The Strand

"Have a banana!"

But for those who were unable to do so today, or whatever reason missed the Community Safety event held at The Strand Leisure Park in Gillingham, here are a few photographs I took at the event.

Although the event was in general quite busy, I managed to grab moments when the stands were relatively quiet – mainly to avoid accidentally getting children in-shot, as we as a society are so sensitive about such things these days. As usual, the following images can be enlarged by clicking on them: they are linear quarter-size (i.e. a sixteenth of the originals' area) so should still fit on most computer displays comfortably...

I also went for a stroll along the riverside, and here are a few of the images I took along the way...

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  1. As someone who regularly jumps out of planes, I must say I am a bot dismissive about safety! I have just come back from a little haven of Britishness in the Mediterranean and their lack of concern for these things is refreshing too. Mind you they have to push back very hard on EU regulatory nonsense!!


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