Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Paganini, Miku-Style

I'd like to hear any of the Miley/Gaga/Rihanna/Madonna types, or similar ilk, attempt this!

Paganini wrote deliberately challenging violin pieces, which even today very few can play well. Attempting this, his Caprice No. 24, purely vocally is a near-enough impossibility for anyone else – and even Miku finds it is pushing her own limits on the highest notes – is a rare challenge indeed, yet this was produced just over five years ago when Miku was scarcely a year and a half old, and there was still so much for her users to learn.

Older folk here in Britain will recall that this particular composition was used as the theme to London Weekend Television's South Bank Show, which made Melvyn Bragg a household name and featured the Julian Lloyd-Webber 'cello arrangement of the Caprice.

As for playing the violin with a leek (Japanese: 'negi') as a bow – surely that must be a case of Negi-nini more than Paganini...

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