Monday, 3 February 2014

Cherry Blossoms Rock!

Not for the first time, though perhaps never before so spectacularly, a Vocaloid song is being 'covered' (as they say these days) by human performers – in this case, the Wagakki Band is performing Senbonzakura ('A Thousand Cherry Blossoms') at a Japanese shrine, with their special combination of modern and traditional instruments.

It is a useful reminder that the sheer quality of Vocaloid music is, inevitably, percolating through into the mainstream, slowly but surely; and now it has begun in earnest it will not stop. The buying public do not always merely soak up commercialised pap, but often demand better. Fortunately, the material and its composer/producers already exists....

The traditional Japanese instruments include koto, shakahachi flute, and the guitar-like shamisen (and the young lady playing one of those is very distracting!) and it all works perhaps surprisingly well: this really is quire something...

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