Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Dream Fighter – Times Nine

Just for fun, here's an ensemble of no fewer than nine Vocaloids and Utauloids performing Dream Fighter with (much of the time) individual movements. It must have taken a long time to produce this!

The base (Lat) model is identical, simply having different head details to suit each character; and three of them have solo spots within the song – although they are miming to the actual singers who are a human group called Perfume. The song comes from that group's 2009 album titled Triangle.

The performers are (identified by hair colour and style)...
  • Blue (twin tail) : Hatsune Miku
  • Yellow (short) : Kagamine Rin
  • Yellow (side tail) : Akita Neru
  • Red (twin 'drill') : Kasane Teto
  • Pink (shoulder length) : Momone Momo (桃音モモ)
    Purple (short) : Defoko a.k.a. 'Utane Uta'
  • Purple (long) : Utane Oto (Defoko's younger sister)
  • Green (long) : Marine Rimo
    Brown (twin tail) : Eika Sachi

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