Saturday, 1 February 2014

Love! Snow! Really Magic!

That is the title of the latest song by the incomparable Mitchie-M, and it really does sum up those wonderful winter festivals they have in Japan this month (February), especially the one in Sapporo that is featured within the song.

This year's Snow Miku is based around the Magical Mirai concept, so all the pieces are slotting together for this song that will no doubt become the festival's theme this year. It is already designated as the Snow Miku 2014 theme, but I can see the festival adopting it as well – if they have any sense, and I'm sure they do.

The video's style uses the cardboard cut-out style characters we saw in OSTER Project's pantomime-style Alice In Musicland video that I featured here some months ago, and works really well, the way this has been structured and presented overall. Very clever, and oh so Japanese! They get all the fun over there...

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