Monday, 17 February 2014

Green Green

Just a dose of cuteness with this old familiar song given a new treatment, this is an unreleased child Vocaloid from nearly five years ago, under the title 'Project if', performing in Japanese. From the comments at the video's YouTube page, the gender of the child is indeterminate, and that might even be deliberate so that the product could be used as either male or female.

An interesting point also raised is that, for legal reasons, the voice provider for such a voicebank cannot be identified. The same applies to Yuki Kaai (aged 9) and Oliver (aged 11 to 12), for example.

Anyway, as I was pointed to this over the weekend, we here can still enjoy what might have been, but seems to have been abandoned rather than merely shelved. There is no interesting visual content, but it doesn't really matter on this occasion...

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