Monday, 1 April 2013

April Fool and Teto Day

I have already seen a few April Fool jokes appear on-line, including Google Nose (don't ask!) but perhaps more significantly in some ways, it is also the anniversary of the release ('birth') of Utauloid Teto Kasane as a joke character.

Teto became so popular that her creators were effectively compelled to keep her going, including providing a proper voicebank for her...and here we are five years later, and it's all still going just as strongly.

Here's a kind of signature song, "Kasane Territory (Always Teto's Turn)" which is a bit of fun and nonsense with cartoon-style graphics and guest appearances from a few characters of whom everyone should by now recognise at least two. It seems entirely appropriate, and makes a lot more sense than some of the things I have been reading since midnight...

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