Thursday, 17 March 2016

Looks Like It's All Kicking Off

Well, we now have a very firm piece of the puzzle in place, regarding the coming storm on Earth, with the production and screening of the television adaptation of 'Childhood's End. The first part was shown a little earlier this evening here in Britain, on the Sky 1 channel.

This was always a strange story, and one I didn't much like when I read the novel many years ago – long before I became a committed Christian, by the way, which is significant here. Indeed, the book might well have been one of the reasons I took that step, which I am sure was not its intention. It has always seemed artificial somehow, created specifically to spread a message at a crucial time; and I thought the author, Arthur C. Clarke no less, had perhaps been unnaturally influenced to write it in the precise manner that he did.

The premise is based on the physical appearance of the 'benevolent aliens' in the story, which is faithfully reproduced in the mini-series – and anyone watching it will probably spot a lot of, shall we say, interesting devices to make them not only sympathetic, but misunderstood by those who opposed them, such as the so-called Freedom League.

Now to the real world of today.

We know that the Antichrist is in the world, that he has reached maturity in recent years, and is currently being kept hidden from public view until the world's population has been psychologically prepared to accept his appearance – an expression used in the first part of the mini-series, and at the end of that first episode we see exactly why. We know his throne was installed in the Vatican earlier this decade, which will afford apparently credibility to a large sector of the world's inhabitants.

Coincidence? Hardly likely. The timing is too precise, on top of the above and some other other considerations.

Thus I conclude that the real New World Order is due to kick-off quite soon now. The infrastructure has been largely in place for some years, the destruction of Europe by letting Turkey into the European Union will probably herald the next phase, and for that the real 'Karellen' will need to be revealed to a prepared populace.

We shall see what unfolds during the next two or three years at most, I feel.