Sunday 31 August 2014

Star Trek Continues – Episode 2

I filed this away a few months ago, unsure whether the series was really continuing, and (mainly because of my health issues) failed to follow it up. Episode 3 has appeared, some weeks ago, so it looks like 'Continues' continues!

The second of these Vic Mignona stories is again in the vein of the original Star Trek, with Vic's Kirk being near enough spot-on as before. Even the story, and the way it is handled, are classic Trek in nature and treatment. There are a couple of omissions, such as what happened to the other ship near the end, and it is a little heavy-handed on the slavery aspect; but overall it's still very good Trek for those who are fans of the original series...

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Telling Your World

Place Miku on a stage with a (modern) piano, let the audience in with their glow-sticks, and see what happens.

This isn't a real concert performance, but has been presented as if it had been, and even without English words will touch the hearts of many. This piano version of Tell Your World is very soft and 'close up', and here has been rendered near enough to perfection. I gather that the video is an entry in this year's MD Cup contest, and I do hope it wins or is runner-up.

For all the flashy stuff (much of which is fun) that is entered into this annual event, sometimes it takes something as straightforward s this to show just what can be done simply by playing it completely straight. You'll want to switch this to full-screen view...

Thursday 7 August 2014

Concert at SkeCon

This is the video of the concert by Synthesized reality Productions (SRP) at the recent SkeCon event in Sweden. It's a single fixed camera, which could have benefited from being zoomed in a little, but it will do. It isn't shaky, unfocused, distorted or any of the other audience-recorded efforts' failings, and is of high video quality.

The event starts off with SRP's Yume introducing the show, in English, followed by Miku and 'Viva Happy'. Later, Gumi, Rin and Len appear – all three at once for one item – also Luka for 'Just Be Friends'; and near the end we also have Miku's now famous 'Senbonzakura' in her correct outfit for this song. The show is rounded out with Yume re-appearing to dance with SkeCon's own mascot Rosu to dance to 'Happy Synthesizer'. Plenty of goodness is in there for just about any fan!

The whole video is almost an hour long, but I found it better to view in three or four 'chunks', simply because of that fixed, slightly distant viewpoint from which I needed to take an occasional break...