Saturday, 18 February 2017

Own Goal from Left Field

The political Left across the Atlantic are doing the Right a lot of favours – unintentionally, of course. In the past day or so alone, we have seen...
  1. Donald Trump's approval rating continue to climb, and is now at 55%. Some of this was going to happen anyway, but the Left are helping it along;
  2. More and more students are turning to the Right when they witness what the lefties are doing at their place of learning, sometimes aided by the staff;
  3. Even Ivanka Trump's fashion line has shot up the Amazon sales chart since the likes of Nordstrom stopped stocking her garments, ironically stated to be on the basis of falling sales but almost certainly politically motivated. Their loss!
The trends are now feeling fairly solid, as there have been strong indications of this nature of shift for some time, and firming-up now, post inauguration.

Meanwhile, over here it looks like Brexit voters are as numerous and as determined as ever, now joined by a number of former Remain voters.

The Left's narrative is trying (unsuccessfully) to convince us that the opposite is happening, i.e. Leave voters are 'having doubts' about the way they voted, and suchlike. They even wheeled out 'Phoney Tony' Blair to speak at length yesterday – or perhaps he wheeled himself out, it's hard to tell – which event was covered hugely in certain big TV media here in the UK.

Few are being fooled by any of this, except their own side, which therefore makes no noticeable difference to the overall picture. They are just preaching to the choir.

In reality, it's just another 'own goal'.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

How the Left Operates

From another place, then copied elsewhere (possibly several times), so I don't have its original source to which I can link – therefore have instead copied the text to here.

Although this is specifically about the American Democrat Party, albeit with references to others, I think anyone reading this who has been involved with politics –  and especially with Leftist parties and movements – will recognise much if not all of this. I certainly do, and have for years. It is not quite so secret nowadays, I'd say, despite their best efforts!

It's near-enough universal on that side of the political divide, though admittedly sometimes it can be very well camouflaged...

Twelve Secret Strategies The Democrat Party Use To Gain Power And Maintain Control

  1. The Democrat Party Must… Be seen to be the supporter of minorities to divide the community so the Democrat Party can  conquer. Create political labels that divide the community into groups or voter blocks based on. e.g. multiculturalism,  feminism, minorities, race, sexuality etc.
  2. The Democrat Party Must… Demonize and promote hatred towards Christians, Jews, Conservatives, white men and make them out to be the evil, intolerant Common Enemy of their selected minority groups.
  3. The Democrat Party Must… Manipulate and persuade minorities or anyone of use they are victims, mistreated, disenfranchised and even hated by the evil, intolerant Common Enemy, despite the fact it's a complete lie.
  4. The Democrat Party Must… Present itself as the great savior and protector of these minority victim groups from the evil and intolerant Common Enemy.
  5. The Democrat Party Must… Bribe and manipulate the minorities and low information voters with welfare. Use class warfare to attack informed voters and make them out to be evil, white privileged, uncaring Rich Capitalists Pigs. Heavily tax those who will never support you to buy the votes of those who don't know any better.
  6. The Democrat Party Must… Gradually take away the personal freedoms, including freedom of speech from the people and say it's in the interest of protecting poor, vulnerable minorities and the downtrodden victims of the evil intolerant Common Enemy.
  7. The Democrat Party Must… Use Political Correctness as a weapon to police speech, shut down debate and attack the ideas of the Common Enemy as evil and intolerant e.g. racists, bigots, homophobes etc.
  8. The Democrat Party Must… Control the Mainstream Media, ensure journalists loyalty is to the Leftist Socialist Movement and The Democrat Party, ensure the media rewrite history that could hurt the Democrat Party (Marxism, Communism, Socialism etc), control the propaganda feed to the public and use the media as an army of Attack Dogs against the evil, intolerant Common Enemy.
  9. The Democrat Party Must… Control the education system through the Union, to indoctrinate the children to think like a leftist, use Nazi-style strategies to brainwash the children to hate Capitalism and mistrust the evil, uncaring, intolerant Common Enemy.
  10. The Democrat Party Must… Paint any resistance to the Democrat Party's left-wing Socialist policies by the Common Enemy as evil and intolerance. e.g. uncaring, racists, hate speech, angry white man, homophobes, behind the times etc.
  11. The Democrat Party Must… Create a population of 51% or more Minorities victim groups by promoting multiculturalism and diversity to divide the people and dilute the American culture. However, diversity of thought is not allowed; the Democrat Party, the media, its surrogates, supporters etc must attack diversity of thought, speech and opinion as racist, bigotry, intolerance, hate speech, climate deniers, angry white men etc.
  12. The Democrat Party Must… Gain power and control of all levels of society by hand picking loyal radical Leftists and put them in key positions of power in local/state/federal bureaucracies, unions, military, healthcare, education, media, entertainment, special interest groups and the courts system.

Did you know Hitler was a progressive Socialist?

Hitler used these very same ruthless, manipulative strategies and propaganda tactics to gain power and maintain control over the German People! Hitler's Nazi Party was named "National Socialist German Workers Party."

The Democrat Party and their army of protectors/attack dogs in the Marxist mainstream media use these ruthless strategies to manipulate the people, gain power, protect their rigged, corrupt, self-serving system and shut down all opposition.

Anyone who dares speaks out against these radical leftists is to be attacked and have their credibility destroyed by the Democrat Party and their army of attack dogs in the Marxist mainstream media.

Socialism Is EVIL & The People Are Fighting Back!

The scary consequences of a state-run & controlled Socialist (Brainwashing Propaganda) education system are on full display.

Their lack of tolerance for other people's opinions and choices is out there for the entire world to see.

History shows us how these Brainwashed Marxist / Socialist zombies have been responsible for some of the most horrific acts against their fellow human beings in the history of the world.

In the last 100 years Socialist governments (blindly supported by their brainwashed zombies) like Hitlers Nazi's, USSR (The Soviet Union), China, North Korea, Cuba, Cambodia, Vietnam, Syria and the list sadly goes on - are responsible for the Murder of over 100 million people, people murdered by their OWN socialist governments for daring to have a different opinion from their Socialist Masters.

Apparently, it's not good for your health to disagree with your (NOT SO) friendly, tolerant Socialist.

The Democrat Party Mission: - Don't let the truth, honesty, integrity, ethics or even the law stand in the way of complete power and control over the people!!!

In short… Divide the community, so we The Democrat “Marxist” Party can conquer!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Fake Accusations Don't Work, Big Media!

We are now in a very powerful era where the corrupt, the manipulators and the rest of the global deceivers – including much of the big media – no longer have the absolute control that they had been so close to achieving.
Trump, Brexit, consequent shifts across Europe, and falling trust in the mainstream media – all of these and more have set alarm bells ringing in the globalists' collective minds.

In desperation, they are re-grouping and re-thinking their strategy, meanwhile pulling out all the stops to try to halt (or at least slow) the currently ongoing dissipation of their power and influence.

One of those desperate moves was their coordinated launch of the smear term 'fake news' to attempt to discredit real facts while they continued to purvey 'good facts' i.e. pseudo-facts that can be presented with seeming credibility but in pursuit of a propaganda exercise.
Anyone who has watched the Babylon 5 episode "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars" will already be familiar with those two terms.
Unfortunately for its instigators, the likes of Donald Trump, Milo Yiannopoulos and Paul Joseph Watson – among others – turned it around by exposing much of the big media themselves as the originators of genuinely fake news, not their intended targets.

Thus we now have the interesting spectacle of the left-leaning Washington Post already seeking to 'retire' that expression – only because it now works against the dishonest, rather than for it as was intended, of course. One word in their Facebook link's strapline gives the game away: "Conservative" – that's the real reason for this move.

I wonder what they'll all devise next...