Saturday, 18 February 2017

Own Goal from Left Field

The political Left across the Atlantic are doing the Right a lot of favours – unintentionally, of course. In the past day or so alone, we have seen...
  1. Donald Trump's approval rating continue to climb, and is now at 55%. Some of this was going to happen anyway, but the Left are helping it along;
  2. More and more students are turning to the Right when they witness what the lefties are doing at their place of learning, sometimes aided by the staff;
  3. Even Ivanka Trump's fashion line has shot up the Amazon sales chart since the likes of Nordstrom stopped stocking her garments, ironically stated to be on the basis of falling sales but almost certainly politically motivated. Their loss!
The trends are now feeling fairly solid, as there have been strong indications of this nature of shift for some time, and firming-up now, post inauguration.

Meanwhile, over here it looks like Brexit voters are as numerous and as determined as ever, now joined by a number of former Remain voters.

The Left's narrative is trying (unsuccessfully) to convince us that the opposite is happening, i.e. Leave voters are 'having doubts' about the way they voted, and suchlike. They even wheeled out 'Phoney Tony' Blair to speak at length yesterday – or perhaps he wheeled himself out, it's hard to tell – which event was covered hugely in certain big TV media here in the UK.

Few are being fooled by any of this, except their own side, which therefore makes no noticeable difference to the overall picture. They are just preaching to the choir.

In reality, it's just another 'own goal'.

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