Thursday, 8 September 2016

Third Kick-off Deferred

I have deliberately not posted anything here for a while, during which time much has happened and things were in a state of flux. Events here in Britain and in various parts of the world have occurred, have just begun in some instances, and are now moving forward – if only at a slower rate than before.

My 'kicking-off' post a couple or so months ago turned out to be slightly inaccurate, in that the move toward a third World War involving nuclear and other weaponry that occurred around the end of July was not the first such crunch point. Until recently I had been unaware that the first such attempt (again, pushed for for the USA president and his followers, I understand) was made in April of last year, and this recent push was in fact the second such attempt.

My information – now from several solid enough sources – is that it was a personal intervention by Jesus with Vladimir Putin that averted the more recent crisis (I have no such details regarding the first such event, by the way) via a visit some six weeks or so ago.

This is real, and the information is in fact all 'out there' for those who wish to seek it out independently of me, so they can't claim I led them anywhere. I wonder how many have the guts to do so...

Many will not face up to this, continuing to pretend that it isn't so, or that it is something else.That's their problem, if they cannot handle it – but we are now in the thick of it and it is shifting almost without our perceiving what is really happening right under under our noses.

These are literally the biblical End Times, and the evidence is that thankfully a lot more of humanity is now waking up to this. Indeed, the rest of us are either already grown-up enough to handle much more of the truth, or at least have what it takes to learn that the world (and the universe beyond) is hugely different from the meagre 'nuts and bots' approach that some tend to take.

I know how long the delay of WW3 will last, approximately, but am not telling. We ALL need to become more adult and prepare ourselves for what it still to come – and it will come: that much has been promised in the form of the Rapture that will follow men's evil that is to be entirely responsible for the forthcoming Satanic crisis.

In a sense, the 'silver lining' is that their secret underground cities will not save the Satanists: that too has been promised. Perhaps the self-styled élites that no doubt will still exist within mankind of the future will learn this lesson and, knowing their own vulnerability, will not repeat what for now is yet to come, but will be in those future groups' and individuals' history...