Monday, 16 April 2012

A Year Ago

It seems strange that it was a full year ago that I was in hospital after my near-collapse in the street on 11 April 2011, with eight days spent in the Medway Maritime Hospital. Yes, it feels like quite a few months ago, but not a yeacr!

I still have frequent mental flashbacks to times during that period, much of which was affected by hallucinogenic medication – and to this day clouds my memories to the extent that I still cannot work out exactly what was real and what was merely perceived but was in fact unreal to a greater or lesser degree.

Indeed, I had another of my trying-to-work-it-out sessions only this past Saturday, and still can't get it straightened out in my mind.

Anyway, I do not wish to end up too deeply stuck into all of that today, and merely mark the first anniversary of the (approximate) mid-point of that period.

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