Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Drive Around Strood

As Strood was mentioned in my last post, here is a drive around part of Strood, from October 2009, uploaded by Joe Blunt. I think the potholes we see in the road at the very end were fixed long ago!

It is notable for three things: (1) Strood isn't very exciting or special, at least not the parts traversed during these eight minutes; (2) Strood Station is flagged up at 1 minute 06 seconds in; and (3) the ride passes (without showing us) the Marlowe Park Medical Centre that I have referred to recently, at 7 min 10 sec. It also goes down a couple of back streets that even I have never walked, though I have looked at them on Google Street View.

Something one might notice is the number of railway bridges. In fact, we see barely half of those in urban Strood, the others being a little north of most of the route taken here...

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