Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hundred of Hoo Railway

Prompted by an uploaded film made by the same company (Gazelle Films), I discovered these parts of a documentary they made on the Hundred of Hoo Railway. This refers to the branch off the line from Gravesend to Strood that heads off to the Hoo Peninsula, here in Medway. In fact it spends a few minutes at Hoo Junction, which I found really interesting, having whizzed past it on that main line.

It really is fascinating stuff for those who, like me, know many of the places featured but know them only as they are today. Here we also see how they were in years gone by, including lines and stations that no longer exist. It even features the Stoke Crossing which is currently in the local news...

Here are two of what seem to be at least three ten-minute parts of this production, which were filmed in the  'nineties and uploaded in video form just under two years ago. The producers apparently haven't put the last part(s) up, but are working on a DVD release of the whole thing, which could appear soon.

In the meantime, watch and learn, as I have just done...

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