Saturday, 21 April 2012

Picture of the Day – 21 April 2012

"The Queen" enjoying the English Festival at Riverside Country Park in Medway's Rainham earlier today, snapped by Rochester People who have a gallery of photos from the event with more still to come.

I'm not sure if I can re-post that photo here, so instead here's one of "Her Majesty" with the Mayor of Medway Cllr Ted Baker, and local (i.e. Rainham) councillor Mike O'Brien at the event, which Ted and Mike obviously won't mind my spreading around a bit...

UPDATE: Here are gallery 2 and gallery 3.


  1. I can't see one single lovely English St George flag in your picture. I can see plenty horrible Union Jacks though. Even on a supposed day to celebrate Englishness, the English are denied an identity. The establishment expect English people to be treated as non-people who do not exist, who must be suppressed, ridiculed and abused at every turn. All English people should just turn in sick tomorrow as a way of demonstrating that St George's Day should be a National Bank Holiday.

    And talking of putrid organisations like the UK, here's another. And for the religious minded, the number of the beast is written all over it:

  2. Interesting point about the flag, though I gather that the event was very "English" in terms of what was actually going on at Riverside.

    I saw the Express headline and noticed the number(!) Mind you, Stephen Fry and the QI researchers would have us believe that there is no actual number of the beast (it came up in one programme) and that, if anything, it should be 616.

    I have checked with (very!) dependable sources who say that QI is wrong, though, and gave their reasons which I have on permanent file in case anyone were ever that interested. I thought readers might find that useful to know...

    As for leaving the EU: I think that will come, though not just yet. They seem to have something they can hold over us for the time being, but I don't believe that will endure. It'll be close, but we should be able to (fairly) safely extricate ourselves a few years hence, but unlikely to be before.


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