Friday, 6 April 2012

From Chatham, Looking Outward

I had a two-hour photographic walkabout today, starting here in Chatham and looking across the town borders into Rochester one way, and Gillingham across and beyond the Great Lines.

On my travels I met an excitable dog on a tether in Silver Hill Gardens, and was able to get close enough so it could sniff and lick me before choking while I was out of reach(!)

Although I took a fair number of photographs, several of which showed this "looking outward", here are just a few of them, reduced in size to speed page loading. Clicking on any image will display it larger than within the page...

Jacksons Fields (Rochester) taken from across the road in Victoria Gardens (Chatham)

St Bart's Hospital

The War Memorial on Victoria Gardens

Passing over Railway Street, along New Road Avenue

Whichever way you're heading, you have to go downhill then up again!

Medway Maritime Hospital viewed from Old Road, Chatham

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