Friday, 30 June 2017

Licensed Violence

The removal of the 'non-violence' rule by the Corbyn/Labour-supporting Momentum political movement is just the (predictable) next stage in what I have long thought was their always-intended move toward totalitarianism.

Students of twentieth-century history will be aware of the route taken in various other countries toward 'socialist revolution' and its eventual destination, and will no doubt spot the parallels. Those readers who have been following my writings here and elsewhere will also be aware that I have been expecting all of this – and worse to come – for quite a few years now, long preceding the advent of Momentum. They are just the vehicle: the plan has been there all along.

Indeed, I am surprised it took them this long to become sufficiently bold and confident that they felt they could now make this change to their rules: they no longer need the veneer of apparent respectability, as their support is large enough and solid enough. Not that the rule would ever stopped them anyway, one might surmise from media reports and other factors, but I can well imagine that they had to at least appear to be a peaceful movement while they were still building up their numbers.

Now the gloves can come off formally: they have effectively licensed violence.

The exact timing of this rule change is significant, though, inasmuch as it almost immediately precedes their next 'street action' which I gather is planned for this coming weekend – so expect an upping of the ante on this occasion. I am anticipating the most severe rioting we have seen in this country for many a year, unless the police have devised (and can implement) a clever enough strategy to be able to nip it all in the bud on the day.

From here on in it all escalates in the now near-desperate effort to foment sufficient civil unrest to achieve the next steps along the road to ultimate totalitarianism here in Britain: civil war and the introduction of martial law in order to subdue and control the population.

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