Monday, 10 March 2014

Diva Desu

The latest event was, of course, on Miku Day, held in Tokyodome City Hall, and was essentially a concert called Matsuri Da Diva 2014, that had not only the Crypton Vocaloids on stage but their voice providers too. Although this meant that each part was shorter than would have been the case with just one or the other, it was still a good event, I hear from trusted sources.

Not all of those sources were present, as it was being live-streamed to NicoNico users who had paid a modest amount for the privilege. I didn't, as I never know if I am even going to be awake at the appointed hour (because of my medication) so it could easily have been a waste. Because f its nature, and I didn't know whether any of it might appear in public, I didn't mention this before.

Anyway, the opening 'summoning to the stage' item is now up on YouTube, lasting exactly three minutes, and it is called Diva Desu...

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