Thursday 27 February 2014

Still Alive

This oh-so-cute version of the song from the video game Portal is by young vocaloid Oliver, who here takes on the part of GLaDOS, the evil 'Genetic Life-form and Disk Operating System' from the game (a character that is also in the first half of the sequel game Portal 2).

Here he sounds like a five or six year old – half his pitched age of 11 to 12; but d on't be lulled by the young boy's voice or his speech impediment. This robotic character is evil: you just wouldn't necessarily realise it without knowing at least something of the game or by really thinking about the lyrics (which are presented here in amusingly-written subtitles).

Ah well: even at the end, despite all that was done to him, he's 'still alive'...

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