Sunday, 7 April 2013

Telling Our World

The quality of Vocaloid presentation just keeps getting better, with good, positive uses of technology that are infinitely more valuable to society than military applications. If only the world would sit up and listen, especially the idiotic (and Satanic) politically leftward-leaning and similar parts of this planet, such as North Korea and Iran among others.

If it came to a straight choice (and I am aware that it is unlikely ever to be that simple, sadly), which would you rather have: international nuclear war or something positive even if not considered all that highly significant in the grand scheme of things?

Well, at least Miku urges everyone to Tell Your World, with this superb video of one of her most famous ever songs. We have something of Augmented Reality behind this, though I haven't yet worked out the precise relationship as it obviously isn't being inserted into a live environment here.

As far as I have been able to discover, it (and more than we see here) was produced with that aim in mind, so that it could be presented in an Augmented Reality manner, similar to Vocafarre, which I have covered in the past...

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