Friday, 26 April 2013

Parish Notice 26 April 2013 – Oops!

I have been clearing out old posts, partly because my space allocations (primarily for images) was getting low, and because a number of links and embedded videos were no longer current.

I decided (on close inspection) that everything more than a year old ought to go: it was a hard decision, but picking and choosing would achieve little if anything of value. The older posts have served their purpose, and I and my readers can safely move on. Hopefully there aren't any remaining links in the posts that remain to any of those that have now gone; but I apologise in advance if I have missed any.

There has been an 'oops' moment, though, when – in one of those annoying (and all too frequent) Blogger jam-ups when one has to force a page re-load to get any response at all, the page of posts I was on switched back to the most recent. That's a bug (one of many in Blogger) as the page ID was clearly part of the displayed URL.

Anyway, as I had also just been interrupted by a courier asking me to take in a parcel for one of the other flats here, I wasn't quite with-it enough to realise what had happened. Therefore I have accidentally deleted the last three dozen or so posts – so, if you wonder where they have gone, that's the reason!

It's just one of those days today...

ADDENDUM: A few of the older posts were still bringing in fairly high daily pageviews, so were skewing current figures upward, which was misleading. I'd had a feeling about this for a while, having been mentally noting the page-views for each of the most recent few dozen posts and realising that my daily figures were too much higher than they ought to have been.

Of course there'd be some element of popular and more timeless posts contributing to current statistics, but not that much. Therefore this clean-out should henceforth result in more appropriate numbers, and I shall be watching to see just how much difference this exercise makes in practice.

UPDATE: I've just discovered that my original one Gigabyte limit has been increased to 5 GB, so I needn't have bothered with this exercise anyway(!)

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