Monday, 29 April 2013

More from the Elders

Those American seniors (as they are sometimes termed on that side of the Atlantic) whom I featured here recently recorded more than was in just the original video. Interestingly, in the less than two weeks since that was uploaded to YouTube, it has received almost twelve thousand comments, most falling into either the "I love Vocaloids" camp or the commenter's own reaction to the elders' specific remarks.

Here, then, is a video with two minutes more of their reactions to a Miku concert on video. There are some great comments, including a surprisingly perceptive one that perhaps the (hugely enthusiastic) audience were also not 'real'. On this occasion, they were real people, but we have seen on this very 'blog examples in Dreamy Theater where the stage is indeed a stage with a synthesized audience waving glow sticks.

Go ahead and watch this, I suggest. It's almost as entertaining as the original one...

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