Thursday, 19 June 2014

Coming Right Atcha!

A very odd behavioural characteristic I have noticed around our town centre in particular is the practice of someone coming toward me aiming straight at me – not to pass, but seemingly intending to collide. This is almost always in places with plenty of passing space (I avoid crowds as a matter of habit, so this is not surprising).

They often do not break off until the last moment, by which time my defences have already switched from normal to standby, ready to go to alert if necessary. Automatically, the scene is being recorded externally to me whenever this happens, and certain details taken from that – so yes, the evidence is on record.

My usual technique when one of these is coming at me is to side-step, whereupon some of them carry on and miss, whereas others immediately bend their path to aim toward me again. This has happened so many times (literally hundreds) that I know it isn't an erroneous perception on my part.

Therefore, if any of the practitioners of this odd behaviour happens to read this, or a reader knows someone who does this, I am issuing fair warning. Don't!

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