Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bump of Chicken

I have no idea why they call themselves tha (they've been around a long time, though: this is from their seventh album, titled Ray); but here is Bump of Chicken with a remix of their titular song, this time featuring Miku in the cylindrical display system that I showcased here yesterday. The song is quite good, though I'd say nothing special in itself. I gather than kz(livetune) prepared the Miku track alongside which the fellas perform live, and it all works very well.

The only comments that I'd make – and others have already said the same – is the new Miku model's eyes are a bit odd, and her voice is a little too quiet in places. These, though, can be dealt with easily enough. Especially for a first effort with this technology, it is a good result overall, though there aren't any English words provided. I suspect they will follow in due course, as I have a feeling that this could go viral...


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