Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tweet of the Day – 8 November 2012

From local Lib Dem blogger and twitterer Chris Sams, the 'Ginger Liberal', quoting Winston Churchill...
"Churchill once said 'if you aren't a liberal in your youth you've no heart. If you aren't a Tory later in life you've no brain'."
I hadn't encountered this before. Of course, as regular readers here will no doubt have spotted already, this echoes the sentiments I have expressed on a few occasions that – looking at the same thing from another direction – there are clues in the fact that older folk are generally more likely to vote Conservative, whereas youngsters tend on the whole to be more on the Left in their outlook including voting patterns.

It takes a rare kind of youngster to bypass that early Lefty stage – although doing so doesn't actually, in and of itself, make them 'heartless' – it's more complex than that, as life tends to be, i.e. multi-dimensional, not merely black-and-white as some (typically those with vested interests of one kind or another) like to portray such matters.

Thus, yet again from Winston, a seemingly simple enough sentence carries layers of understanding within it, and the genuinely perceptive will recognise those nuances.

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