Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Shake On It

Just a brief mention of what happened to me in Rochester today...

A fellow who was obviously a little over-indulged on drink collared me on Star Hill and rode back to Chatham (and, in his case, beyond) from the 'bus stop.

We talked about this and that in those few minutes – but then came the handshake as I 'dinged' the bell for the stop adjacent to Wickes.

It was a normal (and firm) handshake first, immediately followed by what I think must have been a masonic one, which came as a surprise to me. No doubt I failed that test; but it was interesting that he tried it on me, presumably suspecting that I might have been a Mason myself – or whatever it represented (it wasn't one of those usually shown being practiced by famous people)..

I can never be a Freemason or anything similar, of course, and it has never even been seriously suggested to me – but it certainly was intriguing to have this happen to me today and I thought it worthy of a brief mention here.


  1. He might just be a bloke who fancies himself in a secret society and is hoping, forlornly, that somebody else is in it too.

    There's no limit to the depth of fantasy some people walk around it.

    Anyway, Live Long and Prosper (makes hand signal).

  2. That's an intriguing possibility! I wonder.

    Incidentally, I am well known for greeting Trek devotees in the Vulcan manner...


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