Saturday, 8 September 2012

SG-1 Modes of Address

The form each of the members of Stargate SG-1 normally uses to address one of the others is interesting to put together in one place.

Today's exercise mostly excludes when they are in more complex situations, such as with two or more SG teams together, where – for example – "Sir" could be ambiguous.

Anyway, here we go, starting with the way the others address...

Colonel Jack O'Neill
  • Captain/Major Carter says "Sir" (or "Colonel" when with General Hammond, who is also Sir to her)
  • Daniel Jackson says "Jack"
  • Teal'C says "O'Neill"

Samantha Carter
  • Colonel Jack O'Neill says "Carter" (or sometimes her military rank alone)
  • Daniel says "Sam"
  • Teal'C says "Captain [or, latterly, Major] Carter".

Daniel Jackson
  • Colonel O'Neill says "Daniel"
  • Samantha Carter says "Daniel"
  • Teal'C says "Daniel Jackson".

  • Colonel O'Neill says "Teal'C" or sometimes just "T" or even "Buddy!"
  • Samantha Carter says "Teal'C"
  • Daniel Jackson also says "Teal'C".

This simple aspect of the scripting serves to continually remind the viewer of the relationships between the members of the team, and to some extent how the military ranking is structured in the US Air Force. It's also fun for 'anoraks' like myself to write about in places such as this.

As Teal'C would no doubt put it: "Indeed..."

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