Saturday, 1 September 2012

Flavour or Body?

The title might seem like an odd question, but it's a distinction one needs to be careful to make if considering buying McGuigan's 'Classic' Cabernet Sauvignon, from Australia.

McGuigan produce some very good wines, by the way, but they are too expensive for me to recommend routinely, so look out for offers – such as those at Sainsbury in recent weeks, where one or another white and a red has been marked down, in turn, to a much more affordable price (around a fiver, typically).

In the case of their Classic Cabernet Sauvignon, the label describes it as full flavoured rather than the more usual description full bodied; and in fact it is really medium bodied (and a a bit, perhaps) but certainly with lots of flavour.

I like it, especially with pizza and salad, or picnic-type items again with salad. It also goes well with Bavarian smoked cheese, though not quite as well for this as (say) Kumala Zenith red.

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