Wednesday, 7 March 2012

John Takes The Biscuit

You know the 'wrong' biscuit that's always included in a selection pack of biscuits for cheese? Yes, the semi-sweet one, described as "Wheatsheaf digestive" on the ASDA selection box.

I originally thought it was a strange inclusion, and others I have spoken to have had that view too.

However, I have found that it goes quite well with some cheeses, and I'll nowadays have it as (usually) the second to be consumed of a selection of (typically) four.

I have found it goes well with Double Gloucester, Brie, Gruyère and mature Cheddar – no spread, just the cheese and the biscuit, ideally washed down with something appropriate to the particular cheese. No doubt there are other cheeses that are OK too, though not blue cheeses, I have found.

After several years of enjoying this combination, though, I can state that it's definitely worth a try – but don't put any kind of spread on it!

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