Thursday, 19 March 2015

Cuts, Savings or What?

With yesterday's Budget Statement and the response and debate that followed, it was inevitable that the subject of 'cuts' is once more buzzing around the various media.

There are significant misconceptions about this whole topic. The political left always increase the size of the public sector hugely, largely to be able to surreptitiously blackmail more of the electorate – by then employed by the State – into voting for them 'otherwise you'll lose your jobs, or be transferred to the private sector on worse conditions.' Unemployment also goes up markedly during our country's periods of Labour governance.

Thus we end up with fewer people bringing wealth into Britain's economy, and more people taking it out by being paid from the public purse. Now, there is a genuine need for public employees, and probably always will be – but not at the ridiculous levels we find under a Labour government. That party even resorted to inventing fake positions (non-jobs) in pursuance of their warped – and expensive, to all of us via taxes – ideology.

Thus the reductions in the public sector, both in expenditure in general and the number of employees, isn't really a question of 'cuts': it is merely trying to restore the correct size of the public sector to where it should have been all along. Even Labour admit that they too will need to make cuts (and have done for several years, though inconsistently and largely incoherently) though this hasn't sat well with the more-left side of their party or with other Lefty parties, of which there are quite a few in this country.

This is why Labour don't usually talk about their own cutting plans unless strongly pressed to do so: watch any interview where this is put to a Labour person and you'll see what I mean. They just don't want the topic associated with them, and try to pretend that it's a 'Tory thing' alone.

Thus 'cuts' has been adopted as an emotive word by Labour and the rest of the Left, as part of their lexicon of misleading, inaccurate or downright dishonest nomenclature, of which 'bedroom tax' is probably the most dishonest of all in current use (it's not a tax at all, but another restoration of what should always have been the ruling).

The Lefties have plenty of sales lines about what is, in their view, appropriate for a 'modern' and 'enlightened' society – one of their current favourites is 'the civilised state', whatever that means – but when it boils down to it, in every case it is in pursuance of their own agenda, and near-enough always at everyone else's expense.

Always self-interested at core, but expert in dressing it up to come across as 'compassionate' or similar, is an accurate thumbnail image of every single Lefty on the planet – and those who claim otherwise can easily be shown to be lying (sometimes even to themselves!) by any decent questioner.

The bottom line is not to be taken in by any of those oh-so-convenient Lefty lines, many of which are repeated ad nauseum, in a Goebbels-like Big Lie manner – and, notably, those that don't work for them being dropped after a while, showing they were not real in the first place, or certainly not of real interest to the party beyond self-benefit.

Thus one can easily understand the Left. A simple three-word mnemonic is: never trust them!

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