Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Suddenly Appearing

One of those things that the more alert will spot happening in our society, whether within the traditional aspects of life of the more modern on-line media, is the sudden appearance of something that is going to be banned, or in some cases is banned with immediate effect.

Today's example comes from Blogger, which is the platform upon which this 'blog is hosted, and which is now popping up the message that, as from a date about four weeks from now, 'explicit sexual content will not be allowed'. Wow! This is really going to hit me hard – or not...

Why now? If this was an issue (and, for all I know, as a non-expert in this whole field, perhaps it was) why has it taken until now to do anything about it? What has so suddenly changed?

This is the question we must always ask ourselves when any such restrictive imposition appears apparently out of nowhere. There are plenty of ready excuses (the most popular being that we are now in a 'more enlightened' era) but these always turn out to be nonsense, as anyone who has delved a little will already have discovered.

The reality is that this sort of thing has been going on for years, and is continuing today. The Blogger business is almost certainly of no real significance in and of itself. Its sole value is to remind us, via a concrete example, of the generic issue of 'sudden imposition', to coin a phrase.

Ever since the Antichrist came into the world, something like fifteen years or so ago (at my best estimate), this and many other dictatorial impositions and restrictions have appeared.

I have no interest in 'explicit sexual content' – indeed, as one who has had a strong case of HSDD all my life I am revolted by the whole subject, I am a rare independent voice in this arena – but I am alert to these moves and what probably ultimately lies behind them, regardless of whatever is pushed as the 'reason' in the public realm.

The bottom line remains: if today's upcoming ban is an issue now, why wasn't it before? Years before, in fact...

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