Tuesday, 27 January 2015

On The Right Road

This started off as just an update to my previous post, but needed to be broadened out so warranted its own post.

First, some good news: two of the road repair jobs I mentioned last time – Anchor Road and Mooring Road in Rochester East ward – are to be resurfaced throughout. I had the confirmation of this a little earlier today, and it looks like they will be done quite soon.

Note that these have been completely neglected by the (Labour) ward councillors for years: I first spotted them when I was early for candidate selection in a nearby church hall, back in 2009. I had assumed that they would have been in hand, but even then still not realised the callous disregard Labour nearly always have for anything that does not profit them politically.

Indeed, it was only the following year onward when I moved home into a Labour ward and saw first-hand at close quarters the permanent sneer and telling body language of one or two of their councillors that I finally learned just how much they hate us all, and hate doing any actual work. I have plenty of detailed material on this for my memoirs, which I might start writing soon...

I can't see the point of being elected to represent an area, a community, and not even bother to act for them on what are, after all, council matters. If some of us can do it, then all elected members should be pro-active in ensuring their own 'patch' is up to standard.

I have mentioned previously the purely political reasons why Labour in particular have a vested interest in keeping roads in a bad state, but my sources indicate fairly strongly that those members and activists aren't out and about unless they are on a specific party political quest. They have no interest in simply patrolling the ward and noting things needing attention, getting stopped in the street occasionallyand getting further input from residents.

It's a completely different attitude, almost diametrically opposite; and it is a good indicator of who each side believes serves whom, and what is most important. For me it was always the community and its needs that came first (hence my rock-solid reputation) and for Labour it is entirely about the people serving their political ends as mere pawns in their game.

They are on the wrong road, and always shall be, with no actual value to their community, however cleverly they can sometimes make it look otherwise. All of this is why decent folk despise and shun them, and rightly so!

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